Our Story

It’s  our  mission  to  unconditionally  love  Pets  back  with  Fashion,  Healthy  Treats  and  Safe  Products,  safe  enough  for  human  use  and  consumption.  High  Quality  at  an  Affordable  Price. 

So  our  Company  is  a  small  business  and  veteran  owned  committed  to  serving  your  four  legged  family  members  in  all  homes.  We  even  have  a  selected  collection  of  healthy  treats  and  safe  products  for  Cats.  

We  are  military  family  (Army)  my  husband  is  a  retired  Sergeant  Major  who  served  30  years.    It  all  started  back  in  Anchorage,  Alaska  on  Fort  Richardson  Army  Base.  My  husband  and  I  surprised  our  daughter  Miesha  with  a  Yorkie  we  named  Spanky  on  her  Birthday  Christmas  Eve  1999.  Spanky  was  a  trooper.  Then  came  Yorkie  #2  Muffin  B.  White.  Then  Yorkie  #3  Termite  H.  White.  Time  has  passed  now  Spanky  and  Muffin  are  in  Doggie  Heaven.  We  thank  God  we  still  have  Termite,  along  with  two  new  arrivals.  Princess  Bella  &  Snow  White  (Malti-Poo  sisters)  and  they  bring  so  much  joy  to  our  family.  At  age  six  we  found  out  Termite  had  lymphangiectasis,  his  vet  told  us  he  would  never  make  it  to  age  ten.  He  had  been  on  Rx  meds  and  food  three  times  daily  with  no  snacks  allowed.  However,  Termite  wanted  human  snacks,  so  I  began  to  research  healthy  homemade  treats  with  no  Additives  or  Preservatives.  I  am  proud  to  say  Termite  is  still  with  us  at  the  age  thirteen,  eating  healthy  snacks  daily  and  meds  only  twice  a  week.  I  am  not  a  veterinarian,  but  Termite  is  living  proof  proper  vitamins  and  minerals  are  needed.  His  Vet  is  truly  amazed,  he  said:

“Whatever you are doing, just keep doing it”.

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lt boutique doggie boutique and treats Termite, Bella & Snow White
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